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TuitionManager 6.0: Release Notes

TuitionManager 6.0 has been officially released. Please contact your customer account manager to schedule your upgrade.

Degree Planning

Employees can now add their degree information in TuitionManager and track their progress toward completing their degree. This feature provides greater insight for both employees and tuition administrators into the employee’s tuition benefit and degree progress. Administrators can report and project when employees are expected to complete their degrees. The feature can be enabled so employees can edit and add degree(s) or setup so that a degree or program acceptance application has to be submitted and approved in accordance with your tuition policy.

Multiple Courses on a Tuition Application

You can now enable multiple courses on an application within your TuitionManager system. The system can limit the number of courses that can be submitted. Employees can click the add course button and a new course tab will appear for employees to input the course specific info and fees. Employees can also easily delete a course from the application my clicking on the X on the course tab header. The information will appear in a single page for tuition administrators to easily review and approve.

The new feature allows for course specific fees under Course Details and fees pertaining to all courses under Additional Information to easily account for different types of reimbursable expenses. There is also a standard application field for Grants / Scholarships that subtracts this amount from the total requested amount so that employees or administrators no longer have to adjust the requested or approved amount based on money received for Grants / Scholarships. Having multiple courses on an application makes it significantly easier to account for Grants / Scholarships on one tuition application as opposed to having to review the amount across multiple applications.

New Homepage Layout

Employees can now see their degree progress directly on their TuitionManager homepage. You can customize the Featured Education Partners highlighted on your Homepage or have the list continually update through all Education Partners. The Notifications have been moved to a bell icon located at the top of the TuitionManager system on every page.

Finally, a Help-Beacon has been added to the system so that employees and administrators can easily access help content from any page as needed. Employees have access to a wide range of videos and knowledge base articles, and administrators can use the Help-Beacon "ask" form to submit help tickets directly to our support team.

Repayment Obligations

TuitionManager can now be configured to include standard Repayment Policies. Once your TuitionManager system is configured with your Repayment Policy you will be able to run a custom report that will include employees that terminate or becoming inactive and were reimbursed within your Repayment Policy’s obligation timeframe. In order to best determine an employee’s repayment obligation, HostedHR recommends sending Termination Date on the employee eligibility file for 30 days following the employee’s termination date

  • When an employee does have a repayment obligation you can use the recover funds feature to update the tuition application until the repayment obligation has been completed.
  • The system will track both recovered funds and the outstanding repayment obligation balance.
  • Once all funds have been recovered you can click on the Repayment Complete link to remove the employee from the Repayment Obligations report.

Note - the repayment obligations feature cannot be configured for custom policies that include prorated amounts or interest costs. The report can still be used, but manual calculations will be required.

Proxy Submitter

Your system can be configured so that administrators have access to submit tuition applications on behalf of another employee. From the View Employee page, the administrator clicks the New Application button to begin a tuition application on behalf of that employee.

  • The system provides a notification at the top of the Tuition Application alerting the administrator that the tuition application is being submitted on behalf of another employee.
  • Alternatively, administrators can set a Proxy Submitter for an employee under the View Employee page. This is in addition to the previously released feature of setting a Proxy Approver for an employee.
  • Proxy Submitters will have access to the Proxy Applications tab under the Applications tab and will be prompted with a dropdown to select the employee they are submitting an application on behalf of when selecting the New Application button under the Proxy Applications tab.

Manager Dashboard

Managers and supervisors now have access to the My Direct Reports tab under the Home tab that lists the manager’s direct reports with applications that were approved by the manager. This new feature gives managers access to just their direct reports applications. Allowing for more transparency and easier access for managers to assist tuition administrators and employees with their applications.

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