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TuitionManager 6.1: Release Notes

TuitionManager 6.1 has been officially released. Please contact your customer account manager to schedule your upgrade. For customers on version 6.0 already, these features are automatically available to you.

Remove Course Link on Application View

Employees and approvers can now remove an individual course from an application. Click the red remove course link under the Course Name field.

When removing a course, a popup confirmation box will require a comment to be added. The comment will be added to the History & Notes tab on the application:

Employees and approvers can view a removed course by clicking the show inactive course link next to Course Details:

The removed course(s) will appear on the application in grayed out text. To hide the removed course(s), click the hide inactive courses link next to Course Details:


Expected Graduation Date

Expected Graduation Date is now visible under the My Degree application field on the Application View. Employees are able to update their expected graduation date under the My Degree page.


New Application button on My Degree page

Employees can now begin a new application from the My Degree page:


Action Required

Approvers can now check Action Required when adding a Note to alert employees that additional action is required.


Employee Year-to-Date Reimbursements

Under the Employee View page, system administrators can now view an employee's YTD Paid Reimbursements Amounts making it easier and faster to lookup an employee's payment history.


Applications View

Clients that do not enable multiple courses on an application are able to view the Course Name under All Applications or My Approvals so that it is clear what coursework was submitted on the application. Clients that enable multiple courses on an application will see the Semester/Term Description.

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