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TuitionManager's Intuitive User Experience Provides Substantial Benefits for Camden Employees and Administrators

Camden believes in making the country a better place to live through its 159 communities, and over 54,000 apartment homes across the United States. Headquartered in Houston, Texas, the company has 13 regional offices with communities in California, Arizona, Colorado, Texas, Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, Virginia, and Maryland.

Camden was voted #17 in Best Workplaces in Texas™ 2019 and voted #19 in 2019 Fortune 100 Best Companies to Work For®. The company offers its employees a competitive benefits package that includes tuition reimbursement, which the company manages through TuitionManager.

TuitionManager's intuitive design creates a simple user experience for both end-users and administrators. Our HostedHR team reached out to Jodie Gomez, Human Resource Generalist, who shared the benefits TuitionManager provides for both end-users and administrators of their TuitionManager system.

TuitionManager is super quick to understand; it’s self-explanatory.

Jodie Gomez

Human Resource Generalist

End-User Benefits

Intuitive User Experience

TuitionManager's intuitive design makes the system easy to use. End-users are able to understand and use the software immediately without having to go through training. Camden employees easily and seamlessly log-in to the system and submit tuition applications. According to Jodie, TuitionManager's simple process "takes the stress out of the process" for Camden's employees trying to balance work and school.

TuitionManager is an easily accessible system that is intuitive and simple to use. "Team members find TuitionManager a lot easier than dealing with the registrar's office," commented Jodie, "it's a one-step deal." Camden employees find it very easy to submit tuition applications and upload necessary documents.

TuitionManager is easy to navigate with all content easily accessible from the system's homepage. Getting Started, Employee Help, New Application button, and Notifications are all directly on the homepage. Applications, settings, account information, and the help library are all within a simple click of the homepage, and thanks to TuitionManager's clean design, all this content does not overwhelm the end-user. A new user can intuitively find what they need quickly. There is no need to scroll through a large dropdown of options.

Automatic Notifications

Employees receive automatic email notifications when an application is submitted, approved, rejected, or if a note is added to the application. Automatic follow-up reminders are also sent to alert employees that action is required within a specific time period in accordance with Camden's tuition assistance policy. These automatic email notifications provide users with confirmation that the action they performed succeeded or requires additional action or information.

This immediate feedback provides transparency and gives users confidence in the system, which reassures anxious employees wanting to get reimbursed that administrators have the necessary information to make sure employees receive their education assistance money. User confidence in the system means there is less need to continually check-in on the application status, which saves time for both end-users and administrators.

24/7 Access

TuitionManager is a cloud-based system, which means employees can log-in anytime, anywhere, from any device. Camden team members have an easy time logging in and have reported "no issues," said Jodie.

Employees are able to easily submit applications and use the system regardless of where they are located or what device they are using. No issues using the system means less time troubleshooting, answering help questions, and training, which means a more efficient process that saves time and ultimately money.

Administrator User Benefits

Intuitive User Experience

For Jodie, TuitionManager was easy to learn. "TuitionManager is super quick to understand; it’s self-explanatory." This means that new administrators are able to focus more on using TuitionManager than figuring out the software. Jodie also mentioned that the new upgrade to TuitionManager has improved the intuitive design even more. "It's clean, sleek. The new functionality is easy to use. I have had no issues."

Visual clues assist users so that it is clear what happens when a specific icon is clicked. Users easily understand that if you click the pencil icon you are going to edit an application. Administrators can approve applications or request more information with minimal effort and in a timely manner.

TuitionManager's design and functionality were created so our client administrators are able to manage their tuition programs internally at a fraction of the cost of other software providers. The system's capabilities go beyond customer requirements and simplify their process. Their return on investment and significant time savings are some of the biggest advantages of implementing TuitionManager.

TuitionManager's software is continually being improved with enhanced functionality, however, the system's intuitive design and process flow are simple enough that end-users and administrators do not have to be trained on the new design and functionality. Users effortlessly adopt the new functionality and improved performance of the system.

Automatic Notifications

For administrators, automatic email notifications mean less to worry about. When Jodie approves any application, she says the process is so simple that "I don't have to worry about notifying the employee, the email is already sent." Not only does this save her time, but it also means the employee knows that it is not necessary to continually follow-up regarding the status of an application. TuitionManager automatically notifies employees through email notifications and homepage notifications when an action occurs, and the application status changes.

Follow-up emails requesting the status of an application often take up a significant amount of time for administrators prior to implementing TuitionManager. Since employees are able to see the current status of an application in the system and receive automatic notifications when the status does change, employees no longer feel the need to ask for a status update. This transparency empowers users to feel up-to-date and confident in the system's process.

24/7 Access

TuitionManager is a cloud-based system, which means administrators can log-in anytime, anywhere, from any device. This empowers admin users to be able to log-in from home if needed, especially when out of the office for long periods of time or during busy periods at the end of semesters.

Jodie said, "I typically log-in at work, but have logged in at home with no issue; it was the same as if I were at the office." Administrators ability to manage their tuition assistance program from any location on any device means greater flexibility. Workplace flexibility has been shown to increase employee productivity by empowering employees to be able to accomplish their work when and where it benefits them most, which reduces stress and builds morale.

Powerful Reporting

TuitionManager's reporting and analytics provide instant, relevant insights into Camden's tuition assistance program. The system's reporting tool allows administrator users to build reports on demand. The intuitive and powerful report builder gives administrator users the ability to report on every data within with the system. Jodie finds the reporting tool is beneficial for budgeting and audits. "I am able to use the reporting tool to assist with budgeting or internal audit needs," explained Jodie.

As part of TuitionManager"s most recent upgrade, administrator users now have access to a dashboard that provides valuable insights into payments, applications, and participants. The new dashboard provides a visual representation that gives administrators a quick and easy way to view their company's tuition reimbursement performance and statistics in real-time. Allowing administrator users to report on tuition reimbursement information at-a-glance without needing to run reports.

Outstanding Support

Overall, Jodie appreciates the intuitive user experience of TuitionManager and also the quick and comprehensive support. "Great support. Customer service is really great, and I appreciate the quick turn around and everything you do for us," said Jodie. TuitionManager's help desk typically answers support questions within the same day.

TuitionManager also offers a comprehensive help library that includes articles and videos to support both end-users and administrator users with account or application questions. Jodie commented that "support documentation on the site is useful and easy to access with common question on there to provide great support." If an employee or administrator has a question on how to use the system or with account information then there is most likely a help article or video available to immediately answer the question.

TuitionManager users are impressed with how the product interacts evidenced by the lack of frustrations and issues. Jodie even added, "hands down, 100% great, no issues ever!"

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