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TuitionManager Improves Quality and Reduces Cost for Valley Health System

Valley Health System's mission is to service the communities of northern New Jersey and southern New York with exceptional, world-class healthcare in a regional setting. They're committed to keeping their communities healthy through their comprehensive inpatient and outpatient programs, highly skilled home care services, community-based medical practices and wellness programs, and collaborations with some of the world's leading healthcare organizations.

Valley Health System includes: The Valley Hospital, Valley Home Care, and Valley Medical Group. The Valley Hospital is a fully accredited, acute-care, not-for-profit hospital serving more than 440,000 people in 32 towns in Bergen County and adjoining communities. Valley Home Care is one of New Jersey's largest home care agencies, serving more than 12,000 people in Bergen and Passaic counties each year. Valley Medical Group offers comprehensive medical care from primary and walk-in care to oncology, cardiology and more.

The organization's prestigious affiliations with Cleveland Clinic’s Heart and Vascular Institute and Mount Sinai Health System mean Valley doctors are collaborating with the top physician leaders in medicine. This opportunity attracts some of the best medical experts in their fields to join the esteemed healthcare organization. Valley Health offers its exceptional employees excellent benefits including a competitive tuition reimbursement benefit. We spoke with Alyssa Hafner, Payroll Accountant, about Valley Health's tuition reimbursement program. She shared with us that prior to TuitionManager Valley Health had been using a full-service provider to manage its tuition program.

With the TuitionManager system I feel confident that employee balances are always accurate. Plus, it's a huge costs savings.

Alyssa Hafner

Payroll Accountant

The Challenge

Valley Health paid a premium for a full-service provider prior to implementing TuitionManager. Due to the significant cost of the full-service provider, Valley Health began to look for a new solution to manage their tuition assistance program. The organization researched software solutions that could be managed and administered internally by Valley Health's own team at a fraction of the cost.

The Solution

Valley Health found TuitionManager during their search for a new vendor. When their HRIS specialist found TuitionManager as a replacement it immediately seemed like a good fit and option for Valley Health, especially because it was significantly less expensive. Valley Health reached out to HostedHR to learn more and found the process to implement TuitionManager was straight forward.

Alyssa described how easy and simple it was for their team to switch to TuitionManager. "Our HRIS specialist found out about TuitionManager and looked into it and thought it may be a good fit. After several conference calls with your team we thought it would be a great idea for us to switch over. That's what we did, and we are happy."

The Results

TuitionManager has provided exceptional benefits to Valley Health including reduced costs, improved governance and reliability, easy metric visibility, intuitive design, and happier staff.

Reduced Costs

When looking for a new vendor the biggest difference that was apparent right away was the "huge cost savings," said Alyssa. TuitionManager is an affordable cloud-based software system. The pricing is competitive and fair as evidenced by the fact that our clients experience a significant ROI after implementing our system. Either from a manual process or from a competitor.

Improved Governance & Reliability

TuitionManager has over one hundred configuration settings and is capable of handling the most complex policies. The system's intelligence requires users to submit complete and necessary information, enforcing policy rules at every step of the way, including automatic dollar limit validation. Clients can send updated employee information every single day so that the system will enforce eligibility requirements. When employment statuses change the system automatically updates access, policy limits, and can be setup to automatically reject applications for employees who become ineligible. Alyssa told us that "with the TuitionManager system I feel confident in it and I feel like employee balances are always accurate."

Correct employee balances are critical for eliminating overpayments or other payment errors. The system's ability to automatically reject applications or adjust employee limits as employee's employment statuses change enable the system to enforce policy rules and provide corporate governance 100% of the time. This reliability is essential for having an efficient program and process.

Easy Metric Visibility

TuitionManager offers at-a-glance statistics and projections along with robust reporting functionality that provides valuable insights into your tuition assistance benefits. The system has a comprehensive listing of templates and custom reports along with a report builder to be able to run reports on any metric within your TuitionManager system. Alyssa described how TuitionManager's reporting capability is a great feature and benefit for her. "I also love the report writing in there, and being able to write my own reports, I think that's the best thing in the world."

The reporting tool is flexible enough to build reports as needed and provides visibility into your tuition program. Alyssa uses the reporting frequently and commented on how easy it is to use to get the information requested of her. "The reporting tool is very easy to use. I am able to create reports that I need and run them right from the system."

Additionally, TuitionManager has a great dashboard that provides an instant picture of your current tuition spend, participations, and number of applications in the system. Alyssa commented how useful the dashboard has been and said that "our VP of HR loves Dashboards," making it even more beneficial for other team members to be able to see high level program information quickly by logging-in to the system.

Intuitive Design

TuitionManager's intuitive design makes the system easy to use. Tuition administrators are able to easily learn to use and navigate the system without going through long training and having to continually ask questions about how the functionality works. "It's very easy to use, and any upgrade or anything we need changed I just email support and it's like instantaneously they take care of it," said Alyssa.

End-users are also able to understand and use the software immediately without having to go through training. Alyssa has observed that "once I tell our employees how to log-in, I tell them to go to the homepage and all the instructions are there, I usually don't hear back from them for instructions. It's just very simple to use."

Happier Staff

TuitionManager's design and functionality were created so our client administrators are able to manage their tuition programs internally at a fraction of the cost of other software providers. Going from a full-service provider to managing the program internally could have been a huge undertaking, but with TuitionManager the process has been seamless. "Everything has ironed out," said Alyssa. "We are very happy, and I have nothing negative to say, honestly," she concluded.

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